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Welcome to my web site!
Thank you for visiting!  My name is Rich Gustafson, and I created this site to one day house and publicize at least one novel that will eventually get written.
Since the novel-writing process is slow when the author is a husband, homeowner, and father of two wonderful children, I'll also use this site to house personal notes, photos, a blog (perhaps on the writing process, or on being the parent of an Autistic child, or ramblings on the interesting state of the world we are in right now), and anything else that comes up!
Feel free to sign my guestbook if you'd like. Feedback, including over-the-top accolades, is always welcome!
        Jeanne, Danny, and Maria                              The gals at the Science Museum
  With Maria at Space Camp: 133rd Airlift Wing                        Danny with Grandpa and Jeanne
                                                                                                   at the Special Olympics, 2011


The 2011 General Mills IS Picnic.  With Denise, Brian (who's a big deal in Iowa), Rich, and Sir Geoff.